In today’s information age, data is the most important asset that an organisation has. Merely having data is not enough to succeed. To do so, organisations need to have well-developed business analytics capabilities (sometimes referred to as data analytics or big data capabilities). These are the capabilities required to collect, analyse, transform and distribute data to decision makers.




The Business Analytics Capability Maturity Model (BACMM) pictured below is designed to assess the development of these capabilities, and is the cornerstone of the Consulting Service offered on this website. The following resources contain details of the BACMM and the capabilities of which it is comprised:





Book titled ‘Introduction to business analytics capabilities - A guide for practice’. This foundational text contains critical insights from 33 real-world case studies and is ideal for industry practitioners at all levels and areas of an organisation. Click here to order your copy, either in kindle or paperback.





Industry white paper titled ‘What every organisation needs to know about business analytics capabilities’. A must read for any organisation that collects, analyses, transforms and uses data to make important business decisions. Request your free copy via the form on the Contact page.





Industry presentation at an analytics summit that discusses the development and practical applications of the BACMM, as well as its advantages over other business analytics maturity models. Click here to view.





Peer-reviewed conference paper titled ‘Towards a Business Analytics Capability Maturity Model’. This research paper describes the conception, design and theoretical foundation of the BACMM. Click here to read.





Peer-reviewed journal paper titled ‘Business Analytics Capability Framework’. This research paper describes the development of a holistic, theoretically-grounded and practically relevant framework that specifies, defines and ranks the capabilities that constitute the BACMM. Click here to read.





PhD thesis titled ‘Business analytics capability maturity and development . This ground dissertation provides detailed and unique insights into the nature, relative importance, value, measurement and development of business analytics capabilities. Click here to read.