The purpose of the consulting service is to:




  • Assess the level of development (maturity) of your organisation’s business analytics capabilities.


  • Compare the results to the current benchmark for your industry.


  • Provide expert insights and advice on how best to improve your organisation’s business analytics capabilities.



Enhancing these capabilities is important because more highly developed business analytics capabilities lead to higher levels of organisational performance, value and competitive advantage.




The size, scope and cost of a consulting engagement will be determined by your organisation’s requirements. The requirements analysis and consulting engagement will be undertaken by Dr Ranko Cosic who specialises in the development and assessment of business analytics capabilities.









Ranko holds a PhD from the University of Melbourne, where he guest lectured while undertaking one of the largest industry case study research projects in the business analytics discipline. He created the first contextual maturity model in this discipline, and today it is setting global standards in business analytics capability assessments. Ranko serves as a peer reviewer for the Australasian Journal of Information Systems and is the author of a book, an industry white paper and two peer-reviewed research papers on the topic of business analytics capabilities. These and other useful resources are available via the About page and you can contact Ranko using the form on the Contact page.